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Real Estate Law regulates all aspects of property transactions, from buying, selling or leasing property to development, land use, construction and title matters. Litigation is often required when there are disputes over land sales, boundary disputes, financial or insurance matters, or construction performance.The ATS legal team have been serving individuals and businesses in Jacksonville and North Florida who need experienced transactional attorneys and litigators to handle their real estate matters for over 20 years.

Our team represents private individuals, developers, bank and non-bank lenders, hedge funds, national, regional and local builders, governmental entities and political subdivisions, real estate investors and others engaged in the real estate industry, in a diverse range of real estate related matters. Areas of concern in which our legal team are frequently engaged, include the following:

  • Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition
  • Development
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Development and Construction Lending
  • Title Insurance Matters
  • Commercial Leasing (Landlord and Tenant)
  • Land Use and Zoning


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