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Depending on the circumstances, it is common for a probate proceeding to be commenced after a loved one or family member passes away. Probate is the process under which the court supervises and governs the administration and management of decedent’s probate assets. The type of probate administration depends on the value of the decedent’s probate estate (the non-exempt property owned by the decedent at the time of his or her death). If the value is less than $75,000.00, the estate can most likely be administered in an expeditious manner via a summary administration proceeding. However, if the value of the probate estate exceeds this amount, a formal administration will be necessary. Our legal department at ATS are well versed in the Florida Probate Code and Florida Probate Rules (the statutory authority and court rules that govern the probate administration process) and are here to assist should you require representation in a probate or probate related matter.

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