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Seller’s Estimated Closing Costs

Prepared By:Gealean
Of:EXIT Real Estate Gallery
Seller’s Name:Marilyn Schmidt
Property Address:4567 Colonial Avenue
Purchase Price:$130,000.00
Real Estate Commission:6.00=>$7,800.00
Broker’s Only Commission:$309.00
Documentary Stamps:$910.00
Title Insurance:$725.00
Title Services Fee:$450.00
OIR Surcharge Fee:
Title Search/Exam Fee:$85.00
Municipal Lien Search:
Estimated Payoff #1:$35,000.00
Estimated Payoff #2:$21,000.00
Estimated Payoff #3:
Document Storage Fee:
Satisfaction Recording:$90.00
Document Scanning Fee
Buyer Home Warranty:
Seller Paid Costs:
Estimated Closing Date (MM/DD/YYYY):6/23/18
Last Year’s Taxes:
Taxes paid by Seller:
HOA Estopple Fee:
Other Sellers Fee:Description
Wire Fee for Proceeds:
Estimated Net to Seller:$63,631.00